Thursday, May 24, 2007


you wake up early on a Saturday morning,
ate breakfast, took a bath,
and rushed to the spa.

there you took in jazz music,
a calming drink, a soothing massage,
and a good magazine to read.

you close your eyes as the masseur
digs in your really tired muscles.
you moan as she scrubbed your sore feet.
you let out a sigh of relief
after you felt that you were sane again.

you stepped out of the spa
and headed to the nearest taxi station.
you felt like a goddess.

"to the mall please." you instructed
as you stepped in the yellow cab.

you arrived just in time.
there wasn't much of a crowd.
you start to shop.

first, you dropped by a shoe store.
you admire their designs
and decided to get a pair.

you then hopped on to a clothing shop.
you marvel at the intricate weave patterns
on their dresses.
you decided to get the white one.

you walked around the mall.
something catches your eyes--flip-flops:
brightly colored flip-flops
hanging in a wide white wall
that seemed like an endless plain
that bore a vertical horizon.

you entered the store
and tried on a pair.
it was comfortable.
and you liked the design:
Indian-inspired paisleys,
floating around like a paramecium.
and you liked the color:
red, the color of blood;
the color of life.
you decided to take it home with you.

in a matter of seconds,
you already had three shopping bags
hanging on your arm
like little children
swinging back and forth
in a weak branch
of a rotten tree.

you then felt thirsty.
you proceed to a world-famous coffee shop
and ordered a venti cup
of your favorite frappe.

you strut your stuff
as you made your way out of the mall.

you stood outside by a taxi station
and waited for your ride to come.

there was a puddle of murky water
in front of you.
but you couldn't care less.

in a flash, a yellow cab zoomed in front of you
making a huge splash that hurled towards you.
you scream.
and your body then went
into the traditional defense mode.
but it didn't work.
you still got wet.
wet with brown water
infested with dirt, saliva,
and cigarette butts
that seem to have come from
a dirty old man.

you were stunned
and felt really disgusting
with the feel of bacteria on your body.

a police approached you.
the police was handsome,
had broad shoulders
and puffed chests.

you were in love.
and soaked wet.

he pulled out something from his pocket.
you smile,
anticipating his generosity
and kindness to have actually helped you
when you were all dirty.

but it was not what you expected.
he pulled out a silver chain
with huge cuffs on both ends.

he locks one on your wrist.
you gave him a puzzled look.
he just smiled,
trying to make you fall in love
with him.

then a bunch of people appeared on the scene.
they were all mad
and gave you a furious look.
you ask why.

"you didn't pay for those!"
they replied.

then, they stripped you naked and took all
that was hanging on your arms.

one asked you to induce vomit.
the coffee shop manager
wanted the frappe back.

you complied.
he left with a big smile
and a venti cup on his right.

you turn to your left
and see a young girl,
barefoot, smothered in dirt
like she didn't take a bath
for ten years.

she smiled and showed you
the bundles of sampaguita
hanging on her left arm.

you were petrified
and never took your sight
out of her
as the young policeman
dragged you to jail.

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