Monday, May 21, 2007


If you’re an Havaianatic, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re in a state of ‘re-hab’, I pretty much know how to help you ‘abstain’.

Every Havaianatic goes through this stage.

They call it ‘rehab’.

Although I really don’t know how to, as in, clearly define it, but rehab is when you, sort of, stop [temporarily] your addiction (duh, ‘rehab’) with Havaianas. Can somebody provide a better definition for this one? hehe

First, I shall point out the reasons why havaianatics go rehab.

1. They try to end their addiction (an attempt if I may say). If you ask me, this is kind of difficult—more especially if you’re ‘really dedicated’. It’s like not drinking water in a midst of a chili-eating contest. Well at least they try…

2. They’re broke. This happens occasionally—when you think that you should’ve bought shoes instead of havaianas.

3. They want to get rid of tan lines on their feet. Haha, what’s that again?

4. They need space. Just like in a freakin’ relationship, getting something out of your head—err, feet is also necessary.

5. Trip lang nila. Para may thrill din ang buhay nila.

6. Realization. They probably realized that getting addicted over marijuana is better than getting addicted over rubber(?!). hehe

7. Discovery. They found a new obsession over havaianas.

If you found your match from the abovementioned ‘reasons’, continue reading. If not, smile.

Tips on how to abstain:

1. try to get it out of your head. As much as possible, think/worry about bigger things like ships, planes, and elephants. There’s got to be a way. After all, our mind is a vast space of thoughts (or nothingness)…

2. sell thy havaianas. This one, I must say, is really cruel. I mean like hel-looooo, you were once dying to get this pair and that, tapos ibebenta mo lang?! [sayang ang efforts, hehe] and yeah, this is not as effective as you think it will be for you will later on miss your havaianas once they’re gone and will then be ‘forced’ to buy new ones. But hey, ti’s worth a try.

3. a follow up on number two. Think of how much you once wanted to get this pair and that [those sleepless and excited nights. hehe] and now that you have it, realize that you’re so damn lucky to have it.

4. another follow-up on the previous item. Think back of how much you really, as in, got obsessed and excited by just thinking about it all day and all night before you actually possessed it.

5. admire your collection. It doesn’t matter how many you own. Wear them. Stare at them. Marvel at their beauty and, ‘sheez’, comfort. And again, think of how lucky you are to have them and that someone else didn’t buy it instead of you. Think of how lucky you are for winning that item at ebay. Think of how lucky you are to have actually gone home with that pair after a chaotic day at AFF (and that someone else went home disappointed knowing that YOU got the last pair they lusted for months…hehe).

Hmm, I guess that’s all I can tell. Heehee, feel free to add some more ‘tips’.

I know it’s not as complete as you thought it would be. I know I’m not much of an havaianas expert. But hey, I’m sure, by the time you finish reading this, you probably know how to control yourself…a little.


more tips:

6. buy havaianas for someone else. Havaianas look good on you. and it also does to everybody else. Share your ‘obsession’. It will not just make other people happy, it will also ease the ‘pain of rehab’ hahaha

7. box your havaianas. Keep them out of your sight and mind. By the time you miss them, open them up and you’ll feel like you have actually had new pairs ‘snicker’.

9. reflect on these sayings:

“you have the authority to take control over things. Don’t let them take over you.”

“...contentment is not the fulfillment of what you wish for, but appreciation of what you have.”

"don't get disappointed when God doesn't give you what you want. He knows the best time for you to have it. actually, you can have it all! but not all at once."

“i cried because i had no shoes. until i saw a happy man with no feet. life's full of blessings, but we sometimes are just too blind to appreciate them.”

“do not keep on wanting things you think would complete you, but try to value things that are left on you. it is what you have and not what you want is valuable.”


“never let anyone make you feel that you don't deserve what you want. you are worthy of your happiness. what they say doesn't change anything. it doesn't change you, unless you let it.”

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