Monday, April 05, 2010

ew. POOR!

One of the many things that I really hate in this world is poverty.

Crap. That first sentence made me sound like I'm going to write a social commentary. I'm not.

Instead, i'm going to complain about how depressing and shitty my life is recently.

Okay, so i'm broke. And that means the end of the world to me.

I swear, I found myself lying in my bed for hours, thinking of things like, what could have been if I weren't.

If I weren't broke, I would freely live my life like I normally do...uhh, what do I do in my life exactly? Hmm...

My point is that my wallet feels tight. I can no longer fly to the breakfast club before midnight and enjoy a bacon meal (yeah, i'm that fucking broke). I eat skyflakes instead. Fucking skyflakes.

I find this situation both annoying and funny.

When i'm not broke, I get to buy crappy and unecessary stuff. I also get to say this string of words to cheap and stingy people with all sarcasm and conviction: ew. poor.

Today was a turn of events. Ako na ang sinabihan ng tanginang string of words na yan.

What I also hate is those people/acquaintances I see at the mall and immediately (almost without thinking) ask me to treat them. As in like, “panlibre jes beh!”

ew. like. Wtf? Get a new face or something.

Yeah, i'm that mean.

But the world turned around today. I actually found myself saying that to willette and cecile when I saw them at the mall today. ew. poor me.

The worse part is that my mum and I had a fight. She called me a weak, lazy senyorito who can't even ride a bike (her words are better written in bisaya actually. Mas harsh. Tangina jud).

First of all, kabalo na ko magbike. I taught myself to ride a bike last weekend.

Second, i'm not a lazy ass and i'm not senyorito. Otherwise I would not have written an extremely cool radio drama script about my sister's being an ass. It was fifteen minutes long. Haha pathetic kaayo ko ug justifications sa akong pagka-dili tamad.

Anyway, yeah. A fight between my mum and I always means not talking to each other—i can keep up to more than a week. It also means that she can't give me allowance or whatever. Fuck.

So, yeah. I woke up today with no breakfast. I felt so poor. My mum and my sisters left the house early (I didn't know where they went). I swear, sumakit ang ulo ko because nalipasan ako ng gutom worse than I imagined.

Nagbreakfast ko kay mga 7pm na. Haha that was the first decent meal of the day. Shet kaayo. I don't want to tell you what i've eaten for “lunch” and “merienda” because that would make me look like a scavenger.

Ew poor kaayo ko.


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