Wednesday, May 19, 2010

unlucky bastard


so i went to neo's laptop launching today. they raffled off one of their latest basic netbooks. and guess what?
i did not win.

yeah, like that's a surprise. i've never won in a raffle. i wonder if the universe is setting me up. it's been always this way before. it sucks.

i swear i was *gestures* this close to getting that netbook. i saw a vision. but my premonition did not come true. i'm not a wizard that can cast magic, after all.

and so i'm here writing on my old trusty (HEAVY!) HP laptop. i wish father would buy me a new one.

because he's finally arrived home! yey! after six months in israel (hmm, i think i lost count), he's finally home.

i drove my mum and sister to the airport to fetch father.

it was my first time to drive at night (it was also drizzling)! it was crazy. all the glaring headlights makes my chance of hitting a human big! crap. but i survived though. whew.

we had dinner together (ang buong pamilya!)--probably one of the best family dinners ever. there was nothing special really. my sisters didn't feel anything. but i felt so blessed just seeing us all in one table again--after a very long time.

it sucks that our camera's still broken though. crap. couldn't take pictures of anything and everything! makes my life as a journalist/reporter/blogger/freak difficult.

all blocks of text is boring y'know.

i can't tell you how freakish my father was for taking home ten billion bottles of perfume and three thousand boxes of tea.

what are we going to do with all of those?!

i was fine with one gift though: a hug from father. it feels so dramatic because i never remember any moment in my life where he hugged me. i think that was the first time.

made me feel so connected to him that i realized how big of a dick our heads have become. yes, i'm bald again. feels great. i feel like a dick. that's totally fine.

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