Friday, May 28, 2010

i really hate...

hi! *waves, smiles, sticks middle finger out*

so you know what i really hate?

i really hate establishments that proclaim themselves as "high-end" but have fucked up amateur staff that insult and ignore people.


i'm really hard to please. it's difficult to capture me at my laughing ass happy best even with the super divine DSLR camera that has road-runner (stupid comparison) fast shutter speed.

that explains why i don't have really pretty photos at facebook.

that explains why i easily get annoyed at amateur event organizers that don't know how to treat people nice (not really super nice, because that's creepy).

fucked up hosts with bad grammar and shitty enunciations are some of the ten billion blahs i have in my pet peeve treasure chest.

but i've learned to control this cynicism. especially at whorke whore work. but when people go beyond limits, i morph into my mord'sith self and unleash malditoness to people who fucked me up.

dear pretentious stylist, you should know that
there's nothing more i hate than being IGNORED AND INTERRUPTED in interviews.

you should know better whom to ignore and whom to act nice to. amateur.

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it was extremely spellbinding to read.