Thursday, June 03, 2010

my jeep kissed a GMA pick-up vehicle last tuesday morning. lovely.

the only thing that kept me holding myself back from writing the past few days is simple: i don't want to stress myself out, thinking about things...about anything! but now i'm writing again. pfft.

i want to start the year write right by trying to become less of an ass and trying to become more of a Mord'sith Dacra Seeker Wizard Confessor writer good student.

i also want to become a good driver. because i kissed a GMA pick-up yesterday morning; it was horrifying.

this was what happened.

i was on my way, driving to school when i passed bolton bridge. i didn't notice that there weren't much vehicles on the other side of the bridge (the one towards roxas). what i noticed was a big white pick up ahead of me--a big white pick up vehicle ahead facing me.

what was worse was that i only noticed it after i changed to gear three; meaning, i was speeding up.

i seriously thought that i was on the right lane...because vehicles that had to traverse opposite my direction were supposed to be on the other side of the bridge...not across me!

i slowed down when i neared the vehicle and tried to steer my jeep away from it; i wanted to transfer to the other lane, but i couldn't.

because the hood of my left front wheel already kissed the lovely front of the vehicle...apparently, it was GMA network's.

i panicked. i shifted to reverse.

the driver of the vehicle yelled at me, "o, ayaw na pagatras!"

he got out of the car, checked his vehicle's front, and scolded me.

it was a nightmare that came to life. i panicked; my being nervous wanted to kill me.

i apologized ten billion times because i did not want to pay for damages whatsoever.

amazingly, i didn't. because not a scratch hurt the pick-up vehicle.

amazingly, i didn't. because i donned my "please don't punch me in the face real hard" look.

and i didn't argue with the driver. because i thought it was my fault.

it was embarrassing.

and i didn't want to argue with him because i was in a hurry.

what i was afraid about was this: one of GMA's camera men might have taken a video footage of me while apologizing to the driver; they might have aired it in testigo. i think it was marlon palma gil who was in the pick-up.

i don't have plans to add him on facebook.

"dear co-media man, i'm sorry i kissed your pick-up vehicle. we're media friends, we should not be arguing with each other; we should be making out."

i immediately watched tv when i got home from school.

i learned that they did not broadcast my face on tv haha. and i also learned that the other bridge was closed because some stupid bus and a vehicle crashed with each others' sides.


i was fortunate that this did not happen

or this

or this, a similar scene of bolton bridge that day

amazingly, this did not happen

because it would have been really cool if it did...all the slow mo effects. haha

dear cyberspace. i'm sorry if i'm too tired to credit photos. please don't kill me. i didn't exactly steal them.

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