Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it feels great to crash out five items on my to-do list.

As the world knows, i'm a big worry wart. i have this great ability to worry real bad about something...many things.

things big ang small.

like pending articles i can write if only i'm not lazy.

like texting or emailing someone.

like updating facebook status.

like cleaning up my room.

like telling a simple story to someone.

i tend to greatly worry over things that i need to do.

i can do them now. and stop worrying. but i'm too lazy to do them all now.

because i have a headache. i can't be at my best when i have a headache.

because i've been watching too much legend of the seeker. because the seeker is hot. because the mord'sith is hot. because the dacras is cool. and because i'm down to the last few episodes of season two.

but the tv series deserve another blog entry. and an article for entertainment, perhaps...

for now, i'll work on some emails. and facebook status.

i'll worry about the rest...like i always do.

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