Sunday, June 13, 2010

tons of hugs!


so i've been receiving a lot of hugs this week; made me feel slightly awkward, but, y'know, it's totally okay man. you can hug me all you want, especially if you're super hot. (we can make room arrangements)

no, seriously. all these hugs are making every interaction i make with everyone awkward. like i-think-i-need-to-hug-you-for-no-apparent-reason kind of awkward.

for example, i was talking to this churchmate thingy person just this evening, and, like, it was so awkward putting one arm on his shoulder. and i'm like, "whoa, why am i doing this?"
and yea, i'm like being a conyo freak right now peppering my sentences with, like, ten billion 'like's. it's like, soo weird.

like, totally.

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