Sunday, June 13, 2010

can't handle high end fashion!

so i bought a copy of preview magazine's june issue.

and i feel like so poor right now. like, 140pesos poorer. haha pathetic betch.

so, anyway, yea, uhh...high end fashion is totally nuts man. i only bought a copy of the magazine because i was like totally enticed by the tagline on the cover "thickest issue ever!" FIRST TIME NAKO MAGPALIT, actually. hahaha

yea, because it's like their anniversary issue. and i'm like, okay, i want to check out how they write, edit, style stuff and all that.

another reason why i bought the mag is that i'm sort of pretentiously researching, because i'll be like covering one of their events this week and i have like nothing to wear pa hahahaha!

so, yeah, i'll be attending this martish fashion show and i seriously don't want to look dumb at the event being uneducated at fashion. HAHAHAHAHA

you know me, i'm like a street fashion freak. i like things nice and cheap and laid back.

but y'know, it doesn't hurt to explore the other side of the moon. gawd, that was such a stupid metaphor. like, there's nothing fashionable in the moon.

"ikaw lang ang ramon na naga-cover ug fashion2x." -newsroom people (hahahahaha, yeah, like, my name's soo masculine, pang FHM editor na name or basketball magazine writer na name...pero fashion2x diay akong ginasulat. HAHAHAAH

o, ha? kikay kaayo! AHAHAHAHA but seriously, i find preview men interesting. hope it becomes a regular in the magazine circulation soon, because garage mag is sooo 200 pesos! AHAHA

(waa, i seriously hope they won't be giving away free copies of the magazine in the event because i'm soo going to kick myself in the face. haha i don't know what i'm gonna do with two copies of preview!)

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