Friday, May 04, 2007

i'll never be good at anything

i'm not good at anything. and i'll never be good at anything.
i dropped by this challenger arcade thingy to y'know, play street fighter III.and i'll get straight to my point: i lost.
i mean, i never really wanted to as in play the game as soon as i got my token--i'm patient enough to wait for the player, currently playing, to finish the game.
and what's worse is that the technical man thingy knew that i was gonna play that game that as soon as he saw me enter the game room thing, he turned on the monitor of the supposed to be single player machine(street fighter III pa rin) for me to butt in the guy's game.
i feel so stupid!

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the philosphical bastard said...'re a good writer, maybe you should keep writing ;)