Sunday, June 13, 2010


MEEEEEEEEEE! i wouldn't be asking that question here if it didn't involve me right? AHAHAHAHAHA

it all started when i passed by SM Davao's BratPack a few days before the 2010 elections.

i saw that they were on facebook. and so i joined the group.

they were having a "vote for your bag" contest, which was super cool and timely (hello, elections...).

i voted for the jansport bag, the timbuk2 bag and the DC bag ata...

i seriously didn't expect to win. you know me, i never win at raffle draws and contests...

but this one's different! i did win. i swear, i held my breath and excitement in when i received a message from bratpack. my body only heaved a huge sigh upon reading the message. but what i actually wanted to do was to jump up and down xD

i only got to wreak havoc at home because of excitement when i actually claimed the bag at the store.

now i have a bag to last me a lifetime! AHAHAHAHA

thanks bratpack!

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